Lemonade Stand Lessons

The boys decided to have another lemonade stand, at a neighborhood concert nearby our house. Last year, this lemonade stand would have been illegal in Denver without permits, this year, it is legal! Pretty exciting for sure to see so many kids having fun selling lemonade and making new friends along the way.

These are some lessons that we learned from our last lemonade stand:

Competition - Neighborhood girls were also holding a lemonade stand. The boys had to study their competition and look at their prices. They had a prettier stand but we were cheaper and were donating money to charity.

Giving back- The boys picked the World Wildlife Fund - they wanted to raise money for the endangered Amur leopard. Lemonade stands are a great way to learn about giving back.

Having employees- The boys “hired” two neighborhood boy workers- one boy emptied the garbage and the other boy put ice in the cups. This was their first experience at having employees and they paid them at the end of the night.

Making new friends- So many neighborhood kids came by- it was pretty exciting to see new friendships being made!

Being kind- Not all the kids who came to the lemonade stand had enough money but the boys gave them lemonade anyways :-)

And as a result of all of these lessons, the boys sold out of their lemonade! And money was raised for a good cause. All in all, a successful lemonade stand!