Kid Entrepreneur Day at the State Capital

February 11th was a day to remember! We spent the day at the capital, supporting the bill “Legalizing Minors Businesses.” Here are a few highlights!

-We testified at the Senate Committee
-The "Lemonade Boys" met the Governor 
-My 7 year old, Ben, and I testified at the Senate Legislation Committee. Kind of scary, but very impactful!
-My son’s teacher who was on strike at the capital came and visited him
-Interacted with Colorado lawmakers and learned how bills are passed
-Met amazing entrepreneurial kids from across the state promoting their businesses. Awesome parents too! 
-Toured the Capital and climbed to the top of the dome
-The bill passed the Senate committee unanimously and hopefully will keep moving forward

Feeling so thankful that there are so many wonderful, bright kids and helpful adults who support kids and their best entrepreneurial interests. Fingers crossed that the bill will continue moving forward!