Colorado Bill- "Legalize Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids"

Big News! Colorado State Senator Angela Williams has agreed to carry legislation in 2019 to "Legalize Lemonade Stands and Other Businesses Run by Kids." 

After meeting with the Senator, I learned so much about how legislation works. After a few minutes of meeting, she called in the name of the bill to announce that she would be working on this bill. Next, we will work with state attorneys to draft the bill. People will testify, a vote will be made, and then (hopefully) the governor will sign the bill into law. 

What started out as a simple lemonade stand has turned into so many more valuable lessons for our kids, community, and country. And even a government lesson for me!

I am thrilled that kids in Colorado will hopefully have the freedom to be entrepreneurs in the future without unnecessary barriers, and that kids will be involved in the legislature process. Truly a learning experience for all!