Another lemonade stand- on private property and donations only

We were invited by a local business in Colorado Springs to have a lemonade stand on their private property during a kids event. This time, we did things a bit differently. I personally am scared of ever having another traditional lemonade stand, until we can get laws changed in our town. Getting shut down by police was upsetting enough once, twice would be devastating. So here is what we did differently.

-We were invited to have a lemonade stand by a business on their private property

-We did not sell lemonade. Instead we offered FREE Lemonade and stated that donations were accepted. 

With all of the charity lemonade stands that we have had since our initial Memorial Day lemonade stand shut down, I finally allowed the boys to keep any donations that they received. Thanks to a few donations and a very generous grandma and grandpa, the boys earned enough to each get a BeyBlade toy and a hot wheels. They were happy, and hopefully a few kind people enjoyed their cold glass of lemonade.